Looking to express your passion and sing in Japan?

Attention all male singers in Hawaii!!

TAG LINE is looking for a talented singer from Hawaii to perform and act in Japan. Our mission is to be the gateway for a passionate singer to perform for the Japanese audience. TAG LINE will be hosting an audition in Hawaii for a male talent who is looking to pursue his passion in Japan. Qualifier will have a shot at making a major debut as well as management support from TAG LINE.

Application Guidelines

Qualification Requirements

Male artist actively playing in Hawaii. No age limit or does not have to be born in Hawaii.

How to Apply

Please include following and sent it via mail or E-mail.

  • Demo (CD, MP3 File, etc.)
    1. Click the link and download set piece A and B (sample and English lyrics included).
    2. Include BOTH pieces as well as one song of your choice as a Demo.
  • Profile Info (Name, Age, Address, Phone Number, and E-mail. Please add your current occupation, and any previous history as an artist.)
  • Photo (Facial and full profile)

Application Deadline

March 31, 2018

Important Notes

  • Applicants must NOT be contracted with any management agency, record label, or production company.
  • Minors must need a note signed by parent/guardian.
  • Any documents or demo sent for application will NOT be returned.
  • Qualifier will be contacted. Please refrain from contacting for the result.


1650 Kanunu St. 1006 Honolulu, HI 96814
TEL +1 808 735 1791

E-Mail :

Please E-mail us if you have any questions.